EtherDragons Dragonology.
Welsh Dragons.
12 september 2018
The first wave of EtherDragons presale is devoted to Welsh dragons breed, which homeland is tragically considered Wels. The dragons of this breed are quite peaceful and eat mainly wild animals, fishes, giant birds and sometimes people. But they don't like eat human because of the nasty smell of their thoughts. In case of forced battle with human or predators, they show themselves as skilled fighters, and they can be defeated by powerful magic only. If a dragon is interested in winning, he can set the drizzle and disappear. Any of dragons can turn into a human, but...
EtherDragons Arena is on DAppStore!
7 september 2018
EtherDragons Arena game is available on DAppStore! This is an important point, meaning that the game is recognized by the international crypto community!
How to buy ETH?
3 september 2018
How to buy ETH:

Our users, who previously did not have to deal with crypto-currencies, have a natural question: how to buy ETH? To answer it we created a separate section on our website Here we tried to describe in detail the whole process from installing the MetaMask plug-in on your browser to buying ETH crypto currency into your wallet.

Please take into account that according to KYC all crypto exchenges require your full identification (phone, e-mail, ID, address etc)

P.S. We will be grateful for your comments and advice in this problem!

Presale started!
28 august 2018
Today is very important day - EtherDragons Arena presale started!
We invite your to buy dragons for the unique low price!
28 august 2018
CyberSecurity is very important in crypto! Always check if you visit the right site!
EtherDragons Arena is on DappRadar starting from today!
27 august 2018
So, the EtherDragons Arena game is hosted on DappRadar! From this moment, we can assume that the project started! Welcome to EtherDragons Arena!