For game mechanics purposes, most of current cryptogames are rather auctions then games where players swap or trade digital collectible cards. In-game communication between participants is almost non-existent.
EtherDragons Arena is the first turn-based blockchain fighting. Gamers raise and upskill their dragons, communicate and fight at battle arena together betting ETH on combat outcomes.
Dragon cards
Dragons market
Share your dragon with friends
Place a bet before a fight
Gamers benefits
Earn crypto with gaming skills, fast internal transactions and zero in-game fees
Cash in your gaming skills
Gamers bet ETH on combat results. Gaming mechanics are designed so that experienced player with a weaker dragon have more chances to beat a higher-end dragon. Experience = profit.
Profit from dragons trade and selection
Each dragon breed has the unique appearance and additional skills giving odds in combat. Gamer can fuse all kinds of dragons to rise a creature with needed options. So a younger dragon can beat a more experienced one.
Turn-based battles to affect combat outcomes
A player makes a move, the game model computes the action after-effect and starts next move whereby the second player attacks the first one. Each move players select an attack zone and a defence zone. Punch is not scored if it hits defence zone.
EtherDragons Arena has own Marketplace and Battle arena where Gamers trade, raise and upskill dragons, fight, communicate together through battle chats, organize alliances and take part in tournaments.
Cost cutting and zero fee
Gamers don't throw away ETH gas trying to buy a digital pet if the network is overloaded. No in-game fees!
Fast in-game transactions
Transaction rate does not depend up the Ethereum network loading.
Crypto assets security
All digital cards are ERC721 compatible. At all times Gamer may transfer ETH to any cryptowallet or sale cryptodragons on third-place marketplaces.
Mobile app
iOS and Android apps are being developed already.
Battle of Dragons
Different dragon breeds
Stages of improvement
Stages of project improvement when achieving various financial indicators
200 ETH
  • open beta testing of EtherDragons Arena game
300 ETH
  • The full release of EtherDragons Arena game
  • 15 new dragons breeds
  • Five new fighting abilities
400 ETH
  • Ten new dragons breeds
  • 25 new fighting abilities

500 ETH
  • advanced fight animations
  • bonus sets

Nidhogg Dragon
The only sin is escape from the battlefield!