How To Setup Metamask
Step-by-step instruction to install MetaMask and start to work with it
step 1
Install MetaMask
MetaMask is an electronic wallet that's installed as a plug-in in your browser and allows you to make payments and transfers in Ethereum.
You can install MetaMask add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave browser.
MetaMask for Chrome
Metamask for FireFox
MetaMask for Opera
step 2
Login Metamask
To start using MetaMask, you need to sing in. If you do not have a wallet in MetaMask, then you should sign up. To sign up and create your own crypto wallet you should follow the instruction in MetaMask: set password and remember secrets words for your wallet.

Then make sure the Main Ethereum Network selected in MetaMask

You wallet address (public key) you can view
step 3
Public Key
To work with your wallet you should know its public key (wallet address). This key is shown on the top of MetaMask panel. You can copy it to clipboard just clicking on it. This public key will be required when you will buy crypto currency to your wallet.

Make sure the Main Ethereum Network selected in MetaMask
step 4
How to buy ETH?
Please take into account that according to KYC all exchange websites require full user identification (phone, address, id etc).

There are a lot of crypto-exchange portals wich allow to deposit your electronic wallet using Visa, Mastercard and some electronic wallets:
  7. - here you can buy crypto to your local wallet in and then transfere it to your MetaMask wallet