EtherDragons Arena
Frequently Asked Questions
What's this game?
EtherDragons Arena is a game in which you can buy and sell dragons, improve their characteristics, fight on the arena, and siring your dragons with dragons of other players to receive offspring.
It is important to understand that you fully own the dragons purchased in EtherDragons Arena game. You can always sell or export any of them to the blockchain to store in your crypto-wallet or sell it on external resources. You can import to the game any dragon of the EtherDragon Arena, received from third-party resources, purchased under the presale program or exported from the game earlier.
Money earned in the game, you can always withdraw to your crypto-wallet in blockchain without any restrictions.
How to buy a dragon?
To buy a dragon, you need to register in the game first and transfer a necessary ETH amount (the game works with the Etherium). Then you select in the Market section a dragon you like and buy it.
You need Metamask plugin or its analogue to transfer ETH to your game account.
What is MetaMask and how to install it?
MetaMask is an electronic wallet that is installed as a plug-in in your browser and allows you to make payments and transfers in Ethereum. Also, MetaMask allows you to buy and sell ETH for fiat money with a credit card. More...
How to buy ETH for my MetaMask wallet?
There are a lot of crypto-exchange portals wich allow to deposit your electronic wallet. Please take into account that according to KYC all exchange websites require full user identification (phone, address, id etc). More...
How to make a deposit on my game wallet?
So, you have installed MetaMask and want to top up your game balance. To do this, open "Wallet" subsection in "Settings" section and click "Deposit" button. Then follow the instructions.
You can also access this section by clicking on the currency counter in the upper left corner of the screen.
How to upgrade my dragon?
Each dragon has a set of combat characteristics and abilities. You need to eat other dragons to upgrade the combat characteristics of your dragon. In this case, the characteristics of the eaten dragon will be superimposed on the characteristics of the updating dragon according to certain rules. You may eat only dragons you own. If you don't have them, just buy dragons on the Market.

A dragon receives a set of combat abilities at the birth. These abilities can't be changed. But you can bring a new dragon with the characteristics you need by pairing your dragons with the dragons of other players.

Siring abilities is given to the dragon at birth and depends on the abilities of the parents. It should be borne in mind that each subsequent generation of dragons is less able to siring than the previous one. Also, these abilities decrease after each siring.
How to create a new dragon breed?
Each dragon can participate in pairing both as a male and as a female.
If your dragon participates in the process as a female, then you will get offspring.
If your dragon participates in the process as a male, then you will get money, which the owner of the female will pay for siring.

If you want to get the desired offspring, then in the Market -> Siring section you need to select the dragon (male) you are interested in, then select your dragon (female) and pair them. After that, your dragon will go into the state of "pregnant" and after a while you will have a new dragon. The new dragon obtained in this way will have external characteristics and combat abilities inherited from the parents according to certain rules. Thus, by intelligently selecting pairs of dragons, you can deduce the offspring with the properties that interest you.

If you want to earn money by pairing your dragon, then you should expose your dragon as a male. To do this click on the "pairing" button in the description section of your dragon and set the cost that you want to receive for the services of your pet, and the time during which it will wait for the female. Right after your dragon pared, your game account will receive the amount paid by the owner of the female.

What is Arena? And how to battle of dragons?
Any of your dragons, free from pairing and selling, can battles in the arena. Participating in battles, you can earn money and rise in the overall ranking of players. Earned money you can always withdraw to your crypto-wallet in blockchain. Having a dragon-winner you can not only be proud of him, but also sell it or pair it with those who want to get a glorious offspring.

To battle in the arena, click the "battle" button in the dragon description section or in the "Arena" section. Then specify the bet that you want to make to win your dragon. After that, your dragon will go to the waiting list of the battle, where he will be picked up by an enemy.

It is important to keep in mind that the prize fund is formed from the bets that are made by the fighters on the same list. Based on the results of the battles, the prize fund is divided among the winners, and the size of the award depends on the size of the bet made.

If the fight is a draw, then both dragons are considered losers and they are returned their bets.
How is the battle in the arena?
So you are into a battle with another dragon. On the left side of the screen is your dragon, and on the right is the dragon of the enemy.
The battle is step-by-step. For each step is given 20 seconds. During this time you must choose the part of the body of your dragon to protect (HEAD, BODY or LEGS buttons in the PROTECT section on the central panel) and the part of the body of the enemy dragon to attack (the buttons in the ATTACK section of the central panel). To make a step, press the red "attack" button at the bottom of the screen.
If the enemy has put the defence on the part of the body that you attacked, the kick is considered repulsed and does not count. If you attacked an unprotected part of the body, then the enemy's life is reduced by the number of units equal to the strength of your dragon.
In the centre of the upper part of the screen is the meter of past steps. The time remaining until the end of the current step is displayed below it. On the sides of the meter are progress bars that reflect the life of the fighting dragons. Under the playing field is shown the battle log in a literary form.
After the 10th combat step, the "combat fatigue" mode is activated and at each step life of both dragons will be reduced at the same amount.
Loses that dragon, who had ended his life before.
How to sell a dragon?
You may sell any of your dragons to another player. The dragon has to be free from pairing and battle on the arena. Click "Sell" button in the dragon description section. Then select maximum and minimum costs you want to sell the dragon and specify the time to wait for the buyer. During this time, the cost of the dragon will gradually decrease from maximum to minimum value.
If during the specified time the dragon is not to be sold it will be withdrawn from sale and returned to you. In addition, you can always take off the sale of your dragon, if it hasn't been purchased yet.
How to withdraw money?
You can always withdraw money earned in the game to your crypto-wallet in the blockchain. No restrictions. To do this, enable MetaMask or a similar plug-in in your browser, and click "withdraw funds" button in "Wallet" subsection in the "Settings" section of the game. Then follow the instructions.
How to export dragons to blockchain?
You can export any of your dragons, which is free of battle, pairing and selling, to your crypto-wallet in the blockchain. To do this, enable MetaMask or a similar plug-in in your browser, and then in the click "export dragon" in the "Wallet" subsection in the "Settings" section on the game. Then follow the instructions.

After the dragon is exported from the game, you can see it in the page "My Dragons".
Why don't you work directly with the blockchain?
The blockchain technology in general and Ethereum network, in particular, is quite new, very promising, but not always perfect. Analyzing other game projects created on Ethereum, we came to the conclusion that they have the following serious problems:
- All actions related to the transfer of even minor funds in the Etherium system cost money. And if it becomes a lot of such transfers the cost can become very high, even exceeding the transferred amount.
- All activities related to working in the Etherium system take a considerable amount of time. For example, a money transfer from one user to another can take several minutes.
- In the case of high congestion of the Etherium system, transfers between users can be delayed for several hours and failed.
Having studied these problems, the developers of the EtherDragons Arena project decided to make an intermediate version: for each user is created a separate account in the game with the local electronic wallet which let you make fast and free transactions to other players and game services. But at the same time, the user can replenish his local wallet and withdraw any available funds or dragons to his crypto-wallet in the blockchain at any time.
White Paper
To get more information about EtherDragons Arena, our mission and technologies, please, read White Paper