Bring a friend and get % of sales More...

Вuy a dragon on a Presale and sell it after the start more expensive! More...

Вreed the dragons and sell or rent them! More...

Вreed the dragon, upgrade and earn on a battles in the arena!More...



Get dragons for unique price!
How to play? How to earn?
Are you ready to play EtherDragons Arena, get fun and earn money?
what to start the game?
Buy the dragon
Dragon is your property, which no one will ever take from you! And you can not only enjoy the possession of the dragon, but also upgrade it, pair with other dragons and fight in the arena! The most valuable are dragons of generation 0, as well as dragons with unique characteristics.
Step 1
Pair your dragon
Pair your dragon with the dragons of other players. Bring out new breeds with a unique outward and desired characteristics. The more successful the offspring turned out, the more expensive you can sell it!
Step 2
Upgrade your dragon!
You can upgrade your dragon feeding him with other dragons and improving his characteristics. The better you upgrade your dragon, the more he can win in the arena and the more you can sell it. Of course if you want ... ;)
Step 3
Battle on arena
Did you get a chic dragon and you are sorry to sell it? Go to the arena and earn there! The better you breed the dragon and upgrade it, the more you can earn money on arena!
Stages of improvement
Stages of project improvement depends on achieving various financial indicators
200 ETH
  • open beta testing of EtherDragons Arena game
300 ETH
  • The full release of EtherDragons Arena game
  • 15 new dragons breeds
  • Five new fighting abilities
400 ETH
  • Ten new dragons breeds
  • 25 new fighting abilities

500 ETH
  • advanced fight animations
  • bonus sets